An Internet Prayer Site
inviting Jews, Christians and Muslims
to pray to our one God
in the urgent search for understanding,
hope and peace
for each other and our world.



In this particular historic moment, when people of “The Book”— Jews, Christians, and Muslims– are in the news for fighting one another, we seek to create a web site that invites and encourages people of these faiths simply to pray together.

We believe that there is one God and Creator of all. We believe that Christians, Muslims, and Jews walk different faith paths and follow different sacred traditions. We believe that we are joined by our love of our God and by our common ancestor, the God-seeker — Father Abraham. Like Abraham, we hope to follow the will of God and to spread our knowledge and love of God.

Pray At Abraham’s Table invites people of the three Abrahamic faiths to pray–using prayers from their own religion, praying a common prayer, lighting a Candle of Blessing, writing a prayerful intention at the Table of Abraham, and to consider taking on a practice that will advance interfaith understanding. We do not seek to merge the three religions or to ignore the differences among them. Rather, we hope to create a prayerful space in which Muslims, Jews, and Christians can find points of unity and recognize our shared heritage and love of God and the call to be peacemakers and hope-givers.



The need to build bridges is urgent.

People of good will have attempted to bridge the divide between Muslims and Christians, Muslims and Jews, Jews and Christians in various ways. We support on-going political and social work to bridge the differences among these faiths. Our hope, however, is to contribute to the healing among the Abrahamic faiths by turning to the root and sustenance of all three religions: prayer.

Our hearts must be softened towards one another, and only by turning to God in prayer can we hope to have our hearts changed. Because people of these three faiths often do not interact socially much less at the level of worship, we hope to create a “meeting place” online for Jews, Christians, and Muslims that is about praying together rather than debating with or about one another.

Although there are many needs in interfaith work and many needs for creating peace among Christians,
Muslims, and Jews, we will address the need for these three faiths to see one another as brothers and sisters.

At this point in history we treat each other at times with benign neglect, at times as “lesser” versions of our own faiths, and too often with hatred and violence. This web site will draw people into prayer with one another to see what our faiths share and to recognize one another as children of the one God.

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