There are differences among the great faiths, but we grow from the same source and we seek the one God.

Here we gather to pray the one universal prayer of thanks and gratitude to our God for the beautiful gift of life and creation.

We confess that we are all kin.

We are interconnected as members of the human race: all are God’s children.

We pray for the strength to repair and to build up our communities and God’s world around us. This is the simple, urgent, and profound need of our day.


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Here you may:

  • Pause and consider our common humanity
  • Reflect on a prayer from Judaism, Christianity and Islam
  • Pray a common prayer
  • Write a short petition or prayer for personal, community, or world peace and
    Light a Candle of Blessing.

Finally, you will receive a simple suggestion for how to work for peace among the people of these three great faiths and in the world where we are stewards.

Your written petition will become part of Abraham’s Table for the inspiration of future seekers and praying visitors from around the world.