Who We Are

Pray At Abraham’s Table is an online initiative of Bridges, Techny, Northbrook IL, USA.

Bridges is a communications agency devoted to bringing the races together and building bridges of cooperation between different faith groups using the digital and expressive arts.

Bridges is a communications ministry of the international Roman Catholic Order – the Society of The Divine Word. This community serves people of faith, or without faith, around the world, in the belief that there is a rightful and just place for All God’s Children at the table of life. Dialogue and cooperation with other faith traditions is a priority of this community.

RaceBridgesStudio.com is an ongoing internet project of Bridges. The mission of RaceBridgesStudio.com is to unite people of all faiths, people of no particular religious faith, and all people of goodwill to work at the unfinished business of building bridges across racial, religious and class divisions.

In the spirit of Abraham, source of Blessing and Hope – we continue. If we can pray together, we hope we can build some bridges as we seek to live together.

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Contact : info@abrahamstable.org

For other projects of Bridges see www.RaceBridgesStudio.com